24 Oct 2018


When it come to seo in 2018, there are so many thing scattered here and there which might make seo difficult for new webmaster to understand.And that lack of understanding have lead to over dependence on so called seo Gurus who promise heaven and earth but deliver little. In this to tutorial am going to give the total breakdown of what seo is and how to carry out some on-pages and off-pages seo without any assistance.So let begin

11 Oct 2018


I found this method on how to index my website within 5 minute on a forum on the internet and i which to share it with my readers.I have used some of the steps given to index some of the pages on my website faster, than waiting for google to index the page.Here are the steps

9 Oct 2018

The most effective method to Share Your Wi-Fi Password With a Friend on iPhone or iPad

There are two prerequisites to use this feature: you must be running iOS 11 or later and you and your friend need to have each other listed as contacts in the Contacts app. Here's how it works: 

6 Oct 2018

Adding Video To Wordpress post
High-speed Internet access is becoming more common every day. People are turning to the Internet for video to satisfy their entertainment and educational desires. The first way you can embed a video from another site is to use the same Method as linking an image from a URL. As with images, you need to Know the URL of the video you are linking to Most YouTube videos display the URL on the right side of the screen when you play it. So adding them is simply a matter of copying and pasting the URL from one window to another. 

Adding Audio In Wordpress Post
 Adding audio to your blog can turn your readers into listeners. There is something more intimate about hearing someone’s voice than reading her words. Some bloggers have combined blogging with audio production to create a new media form called podcasting. There are three ways you can include audio to your blog. The first is to upload an MPS file somewhere on the Internet and insert a short code” so use the built-in audio player in WordPress to play the file . If u have a file you want to reference and know the URL. you can do the following:

5 Oct 2018

Adding images to post in wordpress
    Adding images to your article communicates much more information than text alone. Inserting images into your article is available in four ways:
I. From your computer
2. From a URL (another website)
3. from the gallery (available after images are uploaded)
4. from the media library Begin any of these methods by placing your cursor in the body of your text where you want to insert the image and then click the Add an Image icon. The Add an Image window opens

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