14 May 2019



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 It is the YouTube's music destination featuring top tracks and popular hits from a variety of genres.

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18 Mar 2019


Have you applied for adsense and they gave an error that you have duplicate content on your blog.or you write ebook for kindle and amazon could not publish your book because of duplicate content. Duplicate content is one of the things google frown at on a particle website or blog. Duplicate content can lead to 3 serious seo challenges.
(1)Crawling problem
Duplicate content makes search engine to search the most important pages less frequenly.
(2) Linking problem
This happen when two urls share the same links that should have be of help to the original page.unless one of them is having a canonical link( or 301 redirect) which is pointing to the original page.
(3)Google only rank one of the pages
let say you have  two or more pages with duplicate content on your blog. search engines will only rank one out the pages with duplicate content.
 Having known  all i have mentioned above  about duplicate content, i think it is of great importance to know what duplicate content is and how to overcome such issue.

8 Feb 2019

Emyofork Student in Training Session
Emyofork is an initiative of Kingdom builder to train youth of this 21st century the fear of God through bible teaching and the knowledge of the latest technology to dessiminate the gospel of the lord Jesus christ all over the world.

16 Dec 2018


 Privacy and security is a knowledge everybody who uses the internet for whatsoever reason must know. though there is no 100% security on the internet as reported  Here.
But you can lock down your Internet access, making a security breach much less likely.

10 Dec 2018

Best Craiglist Alternative

You don't  necessarily have to be an experienced internet marketer before you start making online,all you have to do is to learn how to use classified ads website to promote whatever service,product and offer on the internet for the whole world to see .

28 Nov 2018

How to Pick Who You See First On Facebook
Facebook have added another value to their platform  to make communication easier for user.Now you can Get all your favourite posts from friends, family, pages and groups first.Just set them as a priority - easy.
follow these steps

23 Nov 2018

Bitcoin dance


The price of Bitcoin has been dancing around $8,000 in November, after almost hitting A$10,000 in the past month, and rising over 1,850% since 2015. All of this shows how volatile the currency is, prompting the following question:
1. why bitcoin fluntuate
2. why is bitcoin price not stable
3.why is the bitcoin dance All this questions are going to be answer in this post.But first and foremost let understand what bitcoin dance is.
Bitcoin dance
This is the fluctuating period of bitcoin, the period bitcoin price move up and down and not stable.This happen as result of several factors: