29 Mar 2020

One of the joy of a phone user is to get it protected with the best accessory.Getting the best accessory might be very difficult in the midst of numerous phone accessories which is being manufactured on daily basis. Yet there is a good way of getting good, durable and cheap phone case to protect your phone.and that is by recommendation of those that have used the product before.In that case am recommending this very nice and durable phone case to protect your Phone.

Military Shock Proof Case
 Dual layer protection built for shock absorption.
 Compact and lightweight.
Two-tone design with carbon fiber accent.
Snap-lock polycarbonate hard shell exterior for extra durability.
Anti-dust covers for ports and buttons while carefully retaining device functionality.
This is a must for those that are serious about protecting their phone.

20 Mar 2020

D2D LIVE(2020) - TODAY at 4 PM Eastern (3 PM Central)!

Draft to digital is an online platform for publisher,they allow you to publish your book on their platform and make sales.when you make sales they take little percentage of your profit for their storage and marketing effort.This is a very good and reliable website i have used to sell some of my religious book i wrote.

So if you which to make money via selling ebooks online, i will highly recommend draft to digital for you to try.

18 Mar 2020

Facebook Dark Mode ios 13:When it's Coming, And How to Check it Out Early

Facebook dark mode ios 13:when it's coming, and how to check it out early

Importance of Facebook dark mode
 Dark mode is a feature recently added by major app developers (except Facebook) to change the background of an application from white to black. This has a very huge advantage to the eyes.

Most people use their mobile device throughout the day and as a result, endangering their eyes via too much of exposure to light which suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone needed for sleep which may also be accompanied by insomania, headache, or neck pain

25 Feb 2020

Instagold is one of the leading e-currency exchange in Nigeria that specializes in  the provision of fast, reliable and efficient e-currency exchange service. their service is in two form:-

21 Feb 2020

Bet-winner App tutorial

 Bet winner app is mobile application that allow you to bet on  your favourite sports around the world. since having a good betting application is a good way to succeed in online betting.so bet winner is that kind of betting app that will give  you everything you need to succeed.

16 Feb 2020

Xgo.One-Best Independent Professional Courier

Hey do you have what you need delivered to your family and friend or for your own personal use from within the country or outside the country but finding a good courier service to deliver your consignment without any technical issues seems difficult.
Xgo.one can save your time and money.

why do you need to choose Xgo.one

They offer standard and world – class courier service, Transparent pricing, skilled and excellent integrated service, No extra charge for door to door service, low cost and affordable courier service.

Service Time:-
Monday-Saturday ( 8:30am-5:30pm),
 If the sending time is before 11:am, the parcel will be delivered in the same day
If later than 11am , delivered in 24 hours

15 Feb 2020

Local Business opportunities in Badagry Lagos

Today I want to share some business ideas with my reader which can be done from badagry. Badagry is a cluster community in Lagos,it was a long stretch of beach which is often less crowded than the other beaches in Lagos. and his favourite for those seeking quiet and seclusion on the beach .