18 Nov 2020

How to  Make Quick  Money as COVID-I9 Cases Rises-School Teacher

Eighty percent of the world’s school-age children are out of class because of the coronavirus, according to the United Nations. In the United States, nearly every state has closed all or some of their schools. Some will not reopen until the autumn semester.
not only in the united state alone, schools in Africa, Europe, Asia have also been closed down due to the rise in the spread of COVID-I9. So how does a school teacher make money during the total lockdown of the school system? i have few solution to school teachers who want to make money during the ongoing total lock down of many nations. Let get in right away. As a classroom teacher you can make money in the following ways during the total lock down of nations Working on freelancing sites
 Envato Studio

13 Apr 2020

See How This Guy Earn $25 Daily with Quora only

Quora is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. ... Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers that have been submitted by other users.But most marketer used Quora for differs purposes......(1) For driving traffic to their site (2) To sell a their Product (3) To answer question. i need to explain what quora is for those that know.
Enough of story here is the link to the method. Enjoy making money as you stay at home

Quora is a Goldmine if you know how to use it.

This is a full-blown Guide about Gaining exposure and Making money from Quora.

step: 1-

Open Quora ads manager
Click on "Create Campaign"

Chose your Objective as "Traffic" and Proceed.


Then select "Question Targeting" as your Primary Targeting.

Don't add anything into "Location Targeting"

 Now click "Add Questions" in the "Target Questions" section.

 Now, enter at most 3 target keywords and click "Submit"

 You will get the following suggestions-

Now, if a question has weekly views between 1,000 - 3,0000
It's good to go.

We will take this question as an example - "Why should I save money?"

Now click on the question to be redirected to the place where all the answers are available.


 For this question,

Total Answers
- 12

Top answer views and upvotes - 1.3k views & 14 upvotes [0.01% upvote/view]

How can your answer rank #1 here?

Just get more than 1.3k views and more than 14 upvotes on your answer.

step: 2-

Writing the Content-

Go to Reddit, find something with a lot of upvotes.

Then rewrite the whole article or post.

Use a lot of images, videos, and infographics.

Your content is ready.

step:3 -

Go to a traffic exchange website like, 10khits.

You will get some signup bonus, 100 visits.


 Make 15 more accounts on different websites, there are plenty of these.

Or, you can buy 50k visits for $10.

At the end - 1.5k views [done]

step: 4 -

You will need at least 15 upvotes to rank #1

Go to microworkers, there you can get 15 upvotes for super cheap.

 Select region - Asia & Africa

Campaign - Promotion ---> Rate or Vote

Speed- not more than 100

Adjust the speed according to the traffic you are getting, you can change the campaign speed whenever you want.

You have to start with at least 30 tasks, but once you have 15 upvotes, just stop the campaign.

Don't do more than 16.


29 Mar 2020

One of the joy of a phone user is to get it protected with the best accessory.Getting the best accessory might be very difficult in the midst of numerous phone accessories which is being manufactured on daily basis. Yet there is a good way of getting good, durable and cheap phone case to protect your phone.and that is by recommendation of those that have used the product before.In that case am recommending this very nice and durable phone case to protect your Phone.

Military Shock Proof Case
 Dual layer protection built for shock absorption.
 Compact and lightweight.
Two-tone design with carbon fiber accent.
Snap-lock polycarbonate hard shell exterior for extra durability.
Anti-dust covers for ports and buttons while carefully retaining device functionality.
This is a must for those that are serious about protecting their phone.

20 Mar 2020

D2D LIVE(2020) - TODAY at 4 PM Eastern (3 PM Central)!

Draft to digital is an online platform for publisher,they allow you to publish your book on their platform and make sales.when you make sales they take little percentage of your profit for their storage and marketing effort.This is a very good and reliable website i have used to sell some of my religious book i wrote.

So if you which to make money via selling ebooks online, i will highly recommend draft to digital for you to try.

18 Mar 2020

Facebook Dark Mode ios 13:When it's Coming, And How to Check it Out Early

Facebook dark mode ios 13:when it's coming, and how to check it out early

Importance of Facebook dark mode
 Dark mode is a feature recently added by major app developers (except Facebook) to change the background of an application from white to black. This has a very huge advantage to the eyes.

Most people use their mobile device throughout the day and as a result, endangering their eyes via too much of exposure to light which suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone needed for sleep which may also be accompanied by insomania, headache, or neck pain

25 Feb 2020

Instagold is one of the leading e-currency exchange in Nigeria that specializes in  the provision of fast, reliable and efficient e-currency exchange service. their service is in two form:-

21 Feb 2020

Bet-winner App tutorial

 Bet winner app is mobile application that allow you to bet on  your favourite sports around the world. since having a good betting application is a good way to succeed in online betting.so bet winner is that kind of betting app that will give  you everything you need to succeed.