3 Jan 2020

A user agent is a "string"- that is a line of text that tells the web server the following  things about your computer.

(1) The type of operating system being used on your computer
 (2)The browser being used on your computer
(3) The version of the window being used on the computer.

 The web server uses this information to serve different webpage to different web browser and different operating system. For example, a server could send a mobile pages to mobile browser. Each browser has its own unique user agent. For example,
This is fire-fox user agent:- mozilla/5.0( window NT6.1)
. Wow 64; rv 12.0? Gecko/20100101 firefox/12.0

14 Dec 2019

How to set up firefox new profile and making it work faster

Setting-up new profile of fire-fox is not a new skill on the internet among marketers, because it can be used for several purposes.the usefulness is so enormous that i cannot mention it all.So, someone we ask me, why am writing on this again in 2019 since it not something new.But am putting up several things, i found on the internet on this subject, which i believe is going to be useful for all my readers.

12 Dec 2019

Trick to Link to Files In Google Docs for Direct Download

i found this trick on a website why i was searching for how to link to files in google docs for direct download.some people might know this, but am sharing this  for those that don't know and for those who  are not  tech savvy like me.Because it took me several hours of searching before i could come to this.
Now here will go.
first thing is to upload your file on google doc and get the link to share,or just type or copy paste whatsoever you want to share.
here are the steps to do that

11 Dec 2019

This tutorial is all about how to restrict your file from being re-share over the internet without your permission. Let's us say for example you share a file with somebody and you don't want the person you share the file with to share  with other people without your permission. You can encrypt the file in such a way that no other person will have access to it except the only one person you want to give the file to. The method is making a self-destructive link  i.e it will be Un-clickable after sometime and nobody will  have access to the file except you share the original link with another person. So let's see how we can achieve this with this tools I will be showing you.

10 Dec 2019

How to use google drive component to achieve the unbelievable

let me start with this popular saying that knowledge is power.what a man know we make way for him in life.This tutorial will be about Google drive and its components, unbelievable things you can use Google drive component to do.Google is a very complex tool, i cannot explain it all, i will only explain the one i have used and how it works.
okay let start with what is google drive

9 Dec 2019

  Tools to Know The Number of Words Your Whole Website has

I saw some people asking in a forum I belong  the tools they can use to know the total number of words  on their whole website, so i decided to write a blog post about few tools you can use to do that.

8 Dec 2019