28 May 2017


 ClixSense provides a lot of different free and easy ways to make extra money online such as visiting other people's websites, completing online surveys and watching videos
You can get to know this inside your clixsense account

          One of the higher paying activities inside of ClixSense is completing online surveys. You can learn more about this by clicking the "Surveys" menu option inside your account.
Please note: I don't personally fill out any surveys to make money online. However, many people do and earn an extra $50-$100 per month online. It takes time and effort.
Also, if you do plan to fill out surveys to make some extra money, I recommend setting up a free gmail.com email address that is separate from your primary email address...
When you fill out surveys and provide your contact details, you will receive follow ups from the companies you fill out surveys for, and some of them will sell your contact details. It's better to use an email address that you can check, but that is not your primary email address when doing surveys.
The highest paying part of ClixSense is the referral program. When you refer other people to ClixSense, you will get paid for many of the actions they take inside their ClixSense account - including surveys and tasks they perform. You can learn about the referral opportunity by clicking the "Affiliates" menu link in your ClixSense account.
ClixSense also offers a Premium membership which pays you significantly more money as an affiliate, so if you want to earn all you can, I recommend upgrading. It's only $17 per year. It's a smart move if you want to earn the most money. There are many benefits for upgrading to Premium!
You can start earning a very strong residual income check every month by sharing the ClixSense from today.

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