9 Jun 2017


Hootsuite is a social media tool,that help you to autoschedule your post on social medias.which mean you can send your post to deliver at any period of time you like without you posting all the time.
I used this tool to drive trafic to my blog and also use it to generate few income from cpa,ptc,etc.
To use hootsuite to schedule your post follow this steps
  1. Sign up for Hootsuite (http://www.hootsuite.com). It's free for I think three social networks. Everything you're doing here is free. Once you are all set, hit the Add Social Network button, and connect your Social Media account.
  2. Now go to Settings > AutoSchedule. Schedule up to five messages per day between 5am and 10pm. Schedule them to happen seven days per week.
  4. Go back to your Dashboard. At the top bar, you should see a box that says "Compose Message". When you click, it will drop down a box with buttons and such. Pin your Twitter account so it automatically is chosen. Then click the button that looks like a calendar and turn AutoSchedule on. What you have done at this point is set up a fully-functioning Social media automation machine that will post automatically whenever you'd like.
  5. Have fun
  6. Learn how to use hootsuite to make money here;

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