10 Jul 2018


       G2a .com is website that sell games very cheap than several other sites and also gives a discounted coupon to even get cheaper than the tag price.One  of the way to make money with them is to buy the game and resell it else where at a bigger price,which i have not try.

          Apart from selling games, they also allow people  to register and sell the games through their affiliate links.so what you have to do is to share your affiliate link on the internet.This is what i do.
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         Now  YOU CAN REGISTER HERE  into  G2A.COM , after that you choose some games you want to promote from the site , create a referral link with it ( in the tools section) and post it around forums,Facebook,twitter and so on. The person who clicks on your referral link will receive cookies, after that if he buys anything from this site , even after 7 days and not registered to the site, you will get your commission from the game(Commission is displayed on the games link). The thing about this site it has a MLM program, for example the person who registered from your cookie gets another person register from his cookie , the second person will be come your referral(Level 2 , 60% from the commission) and if the second person brings another person ( I think you get around 30-50% of the commission), so it's up to 3 Levels of referrals.

       Now let's talk about payments : if you want to "pay out" you will need at least 10 ? , you can generate discount coupons(for personal use) or to use them to get more referrals giving them a discount coupon to buy the game(s), you can generate coupons after you get your first 5 ? , coupons can have any value.

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