5 Jul 2017

Installing IRC 

To install IRC on your new virtual machine, follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Applications" menu, and go to "Ubuntu Software Center"
2. Type "kvirc" in the search box field in the top right.
3. When the results return, select the one called: "KDE-based next generation IRC client" or "KV Irc".READ MORE.......

4. Click "Install"
5. Enter your password when prompted.
6. While it installs, you will notice a progress bar. This may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.
7. Once it is finished installing, the progress bar will go away. Go ahead and close the "Ubuntu Software Center".
You are probably used to the close/ min/ max buttons being on the top right, as is the case in Windows. You will find them in the top left instead. If you don't like this, don't worry. You can change it later.
Now, let's go ahead and set up KVIrc.
Remember, you are NOT truly anonymous yet.
8. Click on "Applications" in the top menu.
9. Go to "Internet"
10. Click on "KVIrc"
11. "KVIrc Setup" will appear. Go ahead and click "Next" to begin.
12. "Store Configuration in Folder", click "Next"
13. "Please choose a Nickname". You can leave this exactly as is, or you can choose a Nick name then click "Next".
Do NOT pick a nick name you have ever used before, or a nick name that can help someone determine who you are. Also, do NOT fill in any other details such as location, age, real name, etc. Leave everything else as is.
You are NOT Anonymous yet.
14. Now you are asked to pick a theme, select "No theme" then click "Next"
15. Now click "Finish" to leave the KVIrc Setup
16. A new window will appear having a list of servers, click "Close"
Now let's connect to the "Freenode" IRC network. By now, you may have many questions about how to use Ubuntu. The #Ubuntu chatroom on Freenode is a great place to start, and where you can ask questions related to how to use Ubuntu and VirtualBox. Please remember, you are NOT anonymous yet and anything you say can be matched to your IP address. Keep the conversation related to technical help, or just learning Ubuntu.
Do NOT discuss TOR.
Do NOT discuss ANY sensitive material.
Remember, this chatroom consists mostly of people who have set up Ubuntu for other reasons. Therefore, they will be able to help you configure it, and answer many questions about how Ubuntu works.
17. At the bottom right of KVIrc is a long text input box. Click inside that box.
18. Type, exactly as shown below, including the "/" character:
/server irc.freenode.net 6667
19. This will connect you to the Freenode IRC network. After a few minutes, you will be connected and a dialog box will appear.
20. Uncheck the box that says "Show this window after connecting", and then click "Close"
21. Now, in the same text box as you typed the /server command, type the following exactly as shown below, including the "/" and "#" characters:


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