5 Jul 2017

                         Obtaining Tor Browser

let's begin. Obtaining the TOR Browser is easy. Simply go to the following website:

Once here, you may feel free to read more about what TOR is and how it works, or you may proceed to immediately download TOR.
Here is how to do so:
1. Click on "Download TOR", or "Download".
2. You will see text that says, "The Tor Browser Bundle contains everything you ned ... Just extract it and run. Learn more >>
3. Click on this "Learn more" link. for the "Tor Browser Bundle"
4. Assuming you are an English speaker, you would choose the top-most link "English (en-US)". Otherwise, pick the language best suited to you.
5. The file being saved will be named: tor-browser-1.3.18_en-US.exe
It is ok if the number is not exactly 1.3.18, there are new versions of Tor from time to time. At the time that this guidewas written, 1.3.18 was most current. By the time you are reading this, a more current version of TOR may exist.
6. Run this file.
7. You will be prompted to extract this to a directory. By default, it will be set to C:UsersYouDownloads This is perfectly ok. You can also choose a different directory if you wish.
8. Click "Extract"
That's it. TOR Browser is NOW installed. Time to test it out!


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