17 Jul 2017

Background burner is an image background remover website,this website helps to remove the background of any image without the knowledge of photo editor software.And it is free of  charge.You can even change the background to whatsoever you desire.
first get the photo you want to remove its background and save it to your computer.then go to this website https://burner.bonanza.com/ and click on choose photo

 after you choose the photo,you will see something like dragon removing the background with fire ,wait until the process is finished.next will be the result of your new image with background removed.


 Now click on select in the thumbnail area.You will be taking to something like the image below

 Go to burner complete and right click on the image with your mouse,then save  image as, to save the image back to your computer.
this should take you few second.while this is better and faster is that it does not required any tech skill

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