5 Jul 2017

             Using and Testing Tor Browser for the first time 

Now you have successfully downloaded and installed the Tor Web Browser Bundle. You are no doubt anxious to begin using it. First, click on the "start" menu icon, the icon in the lower left of your screen with the windows logo. On the top right will be a listing that says "You", "Documents", "Pictures", "Music"... "You" of course will be replaced by your user name. Click on "You", the top most link. This will open up your main user folder.
Now, locate the folder called "Downloads" and double click on it.
Now, inside the "Downloads" folder, double click on the folder called "Tor Browser".
Lastly, double click on the application: "Start Tor Browser"
When you do, you will see the Vidalia Control Panel appear, and you will observe as you connect to the TOR network. When this is complete, your web browser will open up and will automatically connect to the web address: check.torproject.org
This is to confirm that you are in fact using TOR. If you have followed this guide correctly, then you will see the following green text, or something similar:

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