11 Jul 2017


Whilst watching a live YouTube channel i didn't have the time to finish the presentation but didn't want to wait for the official upload of the clip..

So in VLC you navigate to the Media tab, then to Open Capture Device, Network & you will notice it allows you to open a URL.. Now plug in your live event (not live cam oO) URL and you will be watching the desired "video" in VLC.. *This can also be done via CLI if your old-school* 


The next feature we take advantage of is too record the interface, Which is done simply in VLC player by navigating to the tools tab, Custom interface and allow recording.

Now you are recording your "live event" to disk for later viewing/sharing etc.. This has so MANY uses, Not only can you record URLs, But also selected CDs in you optical drive and so on.. Yes i know you won't capture that 4k resolution (haven't tried) but the quality is remarkable considering the method used. Really handy for live cons etc.. Make sense?

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