9 Aug 2017


         Email spoofing is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address.
choose  a very good product,dont send fake product(money making niche is better for this,because everybody needs money)
then go to facebook
pick 2 people from your friends list. One will be the inbox sender and one will be the reciever.
Lets say we picked John for the inbox sender and Mark for the reciever.

Go to Yahoo.com and click contact icon-facebook-click import you will get the login email of the people you choose.

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Head on over to http://emkei.cz/ This is a spoof email sender and can send an email to anyone as anyone. Where it says 'From name:' and 'From email:' put the senders email address. So it should look like
From name: John@john.com
From email: John@john.com

: Now you must find the receivers @facebook.com email to receive the fake email in their inbox. Head over to the receivers Facebook profile and click on about, and copy their @facebook.com email.
Lets say Mark's @facebook.com email is mark.mark@facebook.com

  Go back to the email sender and where it says 'To:' add the Facebook email address.
To: mark.mark@facebook.com

  Do not write anything in 'Subject:' just go down to 'Text:' and add what ever you want to send to the person.
The page should look like:

From name: John@john.com
From email: John@john.com
To: mark.mark@facebook.com
Now fill out the Captcha and click send.
the reason while this work quick is that the receiver will think the message is coming from his other friend which he trust.cpa work better.this work daily there should be no complain from you that you never earn money with this.let me know how it goes.thanks

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