6 Oct 2017

Blogger How-Tos is the common questions every new blogger that uses the Google blogger platform used to ask when they just started.These are collection of blogger customization that new blogger always want to do on their blog
(1) How to Remove the "Showing Posts with Label" Message
(2) How to Remove Blogger Photo Shadow/Border
(3)  How to Remove blogger attribution gadget
(4)How to Hide or Remove Blogger Navbar
(5) How to start a blog on blogger
(6) Latest Ways To Remove Plier and Screwdriver In Blogger Permanently 

(7)  How to create a slide show on blogger
(8) How to create a link on blogger
(9) How to increase width of you blog
(10) How to view post stat
(11) How to add image as link
(12) how to change text color
(13) How to  change background image of a  blog
(14) How to arrange post on layout
(15) how increase page view
(16) How to create navigation bar
(17) How create a page
(18) How to turn post to page on blogger
(19) How to copy image source
(20) How to change link color
(21) How to add a gadget
(22) How customize a widget
(23) how to search for  a code in blogger template
(24) How to start a blogger template from scratch
(25) How to drive traffic to your blog
(26) How to create a label on blogger
(27) How create drop down label
(28) How to delete a label
(29) How to change a label
(30) How to add image to my label
These are few blogger How Tos that come to mind while writing this post. I will be adding other as they come.I believe these  are enought to get you started .most of this How Tos can be found on this blog.


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