7 Oct 2017


 Adding background image happens when you feel you are not comfortable with the

 default background image and you want to change it to a new one.Nice and good 

background image can add uniqueness and beauty to your blog. But if your 
background image is poor, your blog will lost professionalism.
 The steps are very easy and I'll lead you through it.
Using the Blogger  Theme
First step is to  login into your Blogger Dashboard and select theme from the Blogger main menu and then selecting the Customize button as shown in the diagram below
 The blogger template design will pop, select customize,then select background,then folloe this image

At this point the background image dailog appear and you now have the option to choose the pre-built background by blogger or you upload your own image
To upload your  own image choose the Upload image menu option shown here
 The upload brow

Setting the Background Properties

 At this point you'll be back in the Blogger Template Designer background image menu. Here is where you can set the properties of your image. The key settings to note are the Alignment which allows you to set the image to the left, right, top, bottom, etc and if the image will be tiled (meaning, the image will be repeated left-right, top-bottom if the screen is very large:

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