6 Oct 2017


 Text colour is the color of everything you posted on your blog.Sometimes you may not like the default color of your template or  you might want to change from one color to another.

There are three ways to do this in blogger:

First method is for those that don't know how to code or those that don't know how to edit  the Html of there template 

(1) login to your blogger Dashboard

(2) Click Theme

(3) Click customize

(4)  Advance

(5) Page Text 


From there you can choose the color you want.


Method 2 

Go to post in you dashboard and click on the edit of the post  you want to change the colour

when the post editor appears, click on html


  Then add this html code at the first div in the editor
color: blue; if you want your color blue or put any other color you want.

Method 3
Add this CSS to your blog
Blogger Dashboard > Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS > In the right input area, paste this CSS and hit Apply to Blog :-
.post-body {
 color: black !important;
that is all enjoy.





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