8 Oct 2017

How To Create a page on Blogger

A page is different  from a post in blogger, though the steps to add a page might be similar tor creating a post, they are a little bit different in the following ways.

(1) Pages are for content that doesn't change as much
(2) Pages are  not included in your site RSS feed

(3) Pages don't have a label.

(4) Only one page is shown at a time

(5) They are not listed in the achieve gadget

(6) They cannot be accessed through the New Post/Older post link.

(7)  You cannot set perma-link, or enclose links in the title of Pages.
a page is very useful when you want to create a static post

To create a page follow these  steps:

Login to your blogger dashboard, and click on pages

compose your text in the text editor and publish it.

after that  go back to your dashboard and click on pages again.then click on new page and 

give your page a name.

Congrats you have just created a page.

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