6 Oct 2017


Online Advertisement involve both paid and free method.And each of this method has is own pros and cons.I will explain both paid and free method   you can use to drive traffic to you blog.


  Why Paid Traffic  is better
There are a few advantages to paid traffic which settles on it a feasible decision for online sponsors that need to amplify their advertising spending plan. Some of them are recorded as underneath

1.) Paid Search is Highly Targeted: The clear apparatuses for setting up a paid hunt promoting effort makes it a basic exercise to focus on your message at particular gatherings that match your statistic; including age, sex, area and even by interests.

2.) See Immediate Results: The speed of drawing in new site guests to your offers is something that makes paid inquiry promoting such an alluring choice.

3.) Maintain Complete Control: A cunningly created advertisement, which prompts an all around composed site presentation page empowers you to stay responsible for your message – and gives you centered bearing towards the brand working of your item.

4.) Realistic and Measured Return on Investment (RoI): By setting – and afterward adhering to – a practical advertisement spend, a paid advertising battle can convey a genuine profit for your speculation. The key is to set a most extreme month to month spending plan, examine battle results and test, change and test once more.


Here are few paid traffics by cate 

Pay Per Click Traffic Sources

Google Adwords ? http://adwords.google.com
Bing Ads ? https://bingads.microsoft.com
Looksmart ? http://www.looksmart.com
7Search ? http://www.7search.com
Facebook Ads ? http://www.facebook.com/advertising
Clicksor ? http://www.clicksor.com
Adblade ? http://www.adblade.com
AdSonar ? http://www.adsonar.com
Advertise.com ? http://www.advertise.com
Pulse360 ? http://www.pulse360.com
AdClickMedia ? http://www.adclickmedia.com
Bidvertiser ? http://www.bidvertiser.com
Adknowledge ? http://www.adknowledge.com
Findit-quick ? http://www.finditquick.info
AdManage ? http://www.admanage.com
Findology ? http://www.findology.com
AdMarketplace ? http://www.admarketplace.com
XTargeting ? http://www.xtargeting.com
LinkedIn Ads ? https://www.linkedin.com/ads
Chitika ? http://www.chitika.comgories:

 Pay Per Text Traffic Sources
Infolinks ? http://www.infolinks.com
50onRed ? http://www.50onred.com
Vibrant Media ? http://www.vibrantmedia.com
Linkworth ? http://www.linkworth.com
Kontextua ? http://www.kontextua.com/en/

 Media Buy Traffic Sources

Index Exchange ? http://www.indexexchange.com
Conversant ? http://www.conversantmedia.com
Exponential ? http://exponential.com
POF Ads ? https://ads.pof.com
AdReady ? http://www.adready.com
Illyx ? http://illyx.com
BuySellAds ? http://www.buysellads.com
DoubleClick ? http://www.doubleclick.com
Burst Media ? http://www.burstmedia.com
Premium Access ? http://premiumaccess.com
Adengage ? http://adengage.com
CPX Interactive ? http://www.cpxinteractive.com
Undertone ? http://undertone.com
Ad Pepper ? http://www.adpepper.com
Exoclick ? http://www.exoclick.com
Sitescout ? http://www.sitescout.com
EngageBDR ? http://www.engagebdr.com
BlogAds ? http://web.blogads.com
iSocket ? http://www.isocket.com
AdPerium ? http://www.adperium.com
Reddit ? http://www.reddit.com/ad_inq
BrightRoll ? http://www.brightroll.com
Epom Marketing ? http://market.epom.com


AdRoll ? http://www.adroll.com
AdRetargeting ? http://ww.adretargeting.com
Recrue Media ? http://www.recruemedia.com
Perfect Audience ? http://www.perfectaudience.com
Dispop ? http://dispop.com
Cappture ? http://www.cappture.com
Retargeter ? https://retargeter.com
Criteo ? http://www.criteo.co

Domain Traffic

DNTX ? http://www.dntx.com

  Mobile Advertising

Apprupt - http://www.apprupt.com
4th Screen - http://www.4th-screen.com
Millennial Media ? http://www.millennialmedia.com
inMobi ? http://www.inmobi.com
Mojiva ? http://www.mojiva.com
Phunware - http://www.phunware.com
BuzzCity ? http://www.buzzcity.com
AirPush ? http://www.airpush.com
AdMobile ? http://www.admobile.com
Splicky ? http://www.splicky.com
LeadBolt ? http://www.leadbolt.com
Appia ? http://www.appia.com
Hunt Mobile Ads ? http://www.huntmads.com
mMedia ? http://mmedia.com
AdModa ? http://admoda.com
Matomy Mobile - http://www.matomy.com/mobile
RevMob - https://www.revmobmobileadnetwork.com
MobFox - http://www.mobfox.com
AdTile - http://www.adtile.me
Komli Mobile - http://www.komlimobile.com
Addictive Mobility - http://addictivemobility.com
Nexage - http://www.nexage.com
Ads Media Mobile - http://www.adsmediamobile.com
AdiQuity - http://adiquity.com
Kiip - http://www.kiip.me
AdColony - http://www.4th-screen.com

Email Marketing

Nextmark ? http://www.nextmark.com
Arcamax ? http://arcamax.com
Newsmax ? http://www.newsmax.com

Other Paid Ad Platforms

Twitter Ads ? https://ads.twitter.com
Sponsored Tweets ? http://sponsoredtweets.com
FourSquare Ads ? http://business.foursquare.com/ads/
Yelp ? http://www.yelp.com/advertise
Infinity ads ? http://www.infinityads.com/contextual-advertising

 This is gathered from blackhatworld.com

All this a are good paid traffic you can use to drive traffic to your blog or website

Here afe few free traffic sources





Guest posting 

Now to use any of the traffic sources successfully you need to understand the pros and cons of each traffic type.



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