11 Oct 2017



      First thing is to  get a custom domain from Namecheap  Here
Then continue below.
Login to your blogger dashboard where you want to add your custom domain. Then go to settings basic option. And you will see an option link name "Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog" click on it and a box will open, here write your domain and click on save button. After that it will show an error message which you have to solve.


after clicking save in the image above,you will get this new image below

setup namecheap domain to blogger

Now go to your name cheap account dashboard you will see your domain. Now click on manage button from dashboard on domain left side.
Click Advance DNS in the new page that will pop up
namecheap domain to blogger

Go to add New Record,in the drop down choose C Name record

Then you will see this image when you see CNAME RECORD

Copy the highlighted area in the image below in your blogger and put In the CNAME RECORD on your namecheap DNS.You are going to add two new records.So the first one should contain the first code in the image below.After you saved that. Click on the add new record again and put the second code when the CNAME Record page pop-up.

.Make sure you saved your work by clicking on the marked sign.
 And now you are done setup your custom domain from Namecheap in blogger. You can view your blog to see and check , is it working or not. If, it is  not working  then wait for 5 or 10 minutes and also check that you didn't make any mistakes. Then try again to view your blog

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