2 Oct 2017

How To Remove Blogger Attribution Gadget


What is Blogger Attribution Gadget?

 It is a Gadget that shows you blog is Hosted on blogger.com and set in Footer of your I suggest you to take Backup of your Blog by going to Theme Section and Clicking “Backup/Restore“. Then Follow the Steps
First Method:
1: Login to your Blogger Dashboard. Go to “Theme” and click “Edit HTML
Remove Attribution Gadget In Blogger
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2: Click “Jump To Widget” as shown in picture and select “Attribution 1“. This selection will took you to that line where exactly the Attribution Widget coding is written.
Remove Blogger Attribution Gadget
3: In coding you can see the following line
<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
You can see locked=’true’ as shown in above line. Just replace the “true” with “false” and Click “Save Changes” to save your template.
4: Go to Layout and at footer of your layout you can see “Attribution Gadget“. Click on Edit (In new blogger layout Edit is replace with Pencil like Icon So Click on it) to edit this widget.
How to Remove "Powered By Blogger" Attribution Widget
5: Then a popup window opens as shown in picture.Click “Remove” Button to remove gadget and save Layout Arrangement.
How to Remove "Powered By Blogger" Attribution Widget
That’s it. Visit your Blog to see your result.
Second Method:
1: Login to Blogger Dashboard.Then Go to “Theme” and Click “Edit HTML“.
2: Click any where inside the coding, Press CRTL + F from keyboard then in right corner of coding a search box appear. In search box search for “body {
How to Remove "Powered By Blogger" Attribution Widget
3: Just above it add the Following Code and Click  “Save Changes
#Attribution1{ display:none !important;}
If “body {” is not found in your template then, You can also search for “</head>
Then Just above the </head> tag paste the Following code and Click ” Save Changes
That’s it. Powered by Blogger widget is now removed from you blog.You can check result by visiting your blog.

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