14 Oct 2017


Taking a screenshot is done every seconds and minute on the internet.There is known second that pass on the internet that screenshot of one thing or the other is not taking.The reasons while screenshot are being taken is countless in number.
I believe this is not the first time you will be hearing about screenshot taking.So let go ahead and look at how to take screen shot with jing.First you need to understand that jing is not the only tools you can used to take a screenshot.There are numerous tools you can use for this task.But we will only face jing in  this tutorial.

After you finished the  download.A sun symbol will appear on the upper part of your screen
 Hover over the Jing Sun at the edge of your screen. If you don't have a sun, launch Jing and it will appear. Click the crosshairs.

Click the first golden sun with + sign and drag to cover the area you want to screenshot. After you click the area you want to cover, then,click capture image save as shown in the image below.After you have capture the image click save in the button that follow the capture image.

You might want to draw an arrow click the arrows symbol or any other  object you want to draw, just follow the symbol.That is all.

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