8 Oct 2017

 Since post and page are not the same things, changing your post into pages might be what you want to do at a time, as the need arises.  
   At the point when the post-manager opens, pick HTML mode (at present in the upper left hand corner)
Edit the post you want
Check the Post Options esteems: set Edit HTML Line Breaks to "Utilize <br/> labels"

Select every one of the substance of the of the editorial manager window (click in it and press Ctrl/An), and Copy them.

Pick the Pages tab

(Press Ok if the framework inquires as to whether you need to leave the page without sparing)

Snap New Page, or select a page that you've just made.

At the point when the page-supervisor opens, enter a title.

This is the thing that appears on the Pages menu, and in the Title field inside the blog in case you're indicating it.

Check the Post Options esteems: remarks and backlinking on the off chance that you need them, deciphering versus simply demonstrating HTLM, and furthermore set Edit HTML Line Breaks to "Utilize <br/> labels"

In the editorial manager, pick HTML mode

Glue the substance that you replicated before

Typically finished with Ctrl/V, or Edit/Paste from the program menu: this puts the substance from Step 3 into the Page.

Pick Publish

Pick a possibility for how you need the Pages Gadget to show up

Press Save and Publish.

View your blog, and ensure that you are content with the new page.

Discretionary: Go back to Edit Posts, and Delete the post that you have changed over. (On the off chance that you don't erase it, recall that you now have the substance in two separate places: the first Post, and the new Page).                                           

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