14 Mar 2018


The meaning of these ICT words is aim  at beginner in computer world to give them background knowledge.
The letters and numbers that identify a cell in a spreadsheet are its address.

Address Book:
An address book is a computer file that stores e-mail

Address Box:-
The address box on an e-mail is where you type the e-mail address of the person receiving the message.

To align is to line it up with either the left or the right page margins, or centrally down a page.

Analogue means using a pointer or hands rather that digits.

Analogue Reading:
An analogue search in a database looksfor information using the word between keywords.

And Search:
An And search in a database looks for information using the word AND between keywords.

Apple ( Macintosh)

An Apple Macintosh is a brand of home computer. It is similar to pc, but it uses a different operating system.

Arrow Key

Arrow keys are used to move the cursor one line, cell or space in any direction.

To attach a file you link it to an e-mail.

An attachment is a file that is linked to e-mail, has to be opened separately.

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