22 Mar 2018



Caps lock key
You press the caps lock to make the computer write in capital letters.

A CD-ROM is a disc that can be read from, but not have data added to it . CD-ROMS are often used for multimedia games and programs.

Cd-Rom Drive
The CD-ROM drive is the part of the computer that reads the information on a CD using a laser beam.

A cell is a single box in a spreadsheet or a table. Cell may contain text or number or a formula.

Central Processing Units, or CPU, is the main part of the computer which stores the hardware and runs the software. It is the computer's brain' which controls all of its calculation and processing.

You centre text or a graphic by aligning it to the the centre of the screen.

Clip Art
Clip art is a type of ready made picture which can be copied and pasted into a document.

Compact disc ( CD)
A compact disc, commonly knowns as a CD, is a disc that can hold over 200 times as much data as a floppy disk.

Computer Aided Design(CAD)
A computer aided design program can be used to draw graphic designs

The cursor is a flashing line on the screen which shows where the next character that typed will appears. 
A client is a person that required your service in exchange for payment.

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