1 Apr 2018

A complete guide to using WinRAR

 What is WinRAR ?
WinRAR is a data compression utility. It supports compressing of files into two popular formats, namely ZIP and RAR.

Why do I need WinRAR ?

1. It enables you to compress your files and helps you save precious HDD space.

2. If you want to upload your files into Rapid Share ( RS ) or Mega Upload ( MU ). These sites impose a restriction on the size of the file which can be uploaded. You can create split archives using WinRAR.
Guys may want to know why they should use WinRAR to split their files, there are plenty of tools available which will allow me to split my files, EXAMPLE :- HJSPLIT. The answer is pretty simple. Say you have a 700 Meg ISO image which you want to share via RS, HJSPLIT can split your ISO image into 7 parts which are 100 Megs each. When you create split archives with WinRAR, your ISO file could be compressed to 600 Megs and you'll end up having 6 parts which are 100 Megs each. This will help save time you spend uploading and the users save precious bandwidth downloading your stuff.

3. WinRAR supports the extraction of 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, Z archives. You don't need any other program other than WinRAR to extract files of these type.
Compressing files with WinRAR - How to achieve maximum compression ?
There are settings in WinRAR which can be changed to achieve the maximum compression level possible. I'll show you the way to save these settings so that you don't have to change them repeatedly for each file you want to compress.

Click start --> All Programs --> WinRAR

Now click on Options --> Settings --> Compression tab --> Create Default button

Change the Compression method to Best. Check the Create solid archive option and click ok twice


Go to Options --> Import/Export --> Export settings to file. Now, your settings will be saved and will be restored even when you open WinRAR from a different user account.

How can I create split archives ?

To create split archive right click on the file --> WinRAR --> Add to Archive

Enter the size of each split archive in the split to volumes, bytes combo box. Look at the picture below. There is no need to enter the size in bytes.

If you were successful, you folder will now contain files like this.

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