2 Apr 2018


Data is information that can be saved and stored in the memory of a computer.Data can be stored as words, numbers, graphics or sound.

A database is a place to store information

Data file
Data file are files that contain data.

Data logging
Data logging programms record information onto the computer using light, sound, temperature or movement sensors.

To delete is to erase or get rid of part or all of a document. Selected text or graphic can be deleted.Selected text or graphics can be deleted with the delete or backspace keys

Delete key
The delete key allow you to delete text or graphics.

Desk top
The desk top of a computer is the screen on which you can see the waste bin along with files and folder.

Desk top Computer
A desk top computer is a full sized home computer where the keyboard and screen are in separate units.The cpu may also be separate unit.

Desk top publisher
A programme used for setting out text and graphics on a page is known as a desktop publisher.

Dial up
To connectto another computer via a telephone line you have to dial up through a modem.

Disk drive
The disk drive is part of the computer is part of the computer where a floppy disk or  a hard disk is read from or written to by the computer.

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