29 Jun 2018


FAQ stand for frequently Asked question.Websites often have an faq list, answering the questions commonly asked by users.

Fax Machine
A fax machine, or fax, is linked by a modem to a phone line so that messages can be fed in at one end and printed out at other end.

Each type of data in a database is called a field.Text fields store text; numeric feilds store numbers. graphic can be added as part of the overall design,or on individul entries.

A file is an item stored on a computer. I t may be a programme; a document containing text, graphics, sound or numbers; or a combination of these.

File server
A file server is computer that is linked to other computers so that the data stored on it can be shared.

To flood a shape with colour or pattern is to fill it.This can be done using a paint package.

Floor Turtle
A floor turtle is a robotic device that can be moved across the floor by programming it to follow direction.A common type of floor turtle is a roamer.

A flowchart is a diagram that shows the order in which event should occur.

The style of text and number is called a font

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