4 Jul 2018


Finding keyword competition is a very important part of our daily activities as an internet marketer.becuase what you are doing is being done by several other people,and you must not put yourself in a very hard condition i.e if you don't have huge budget and you are trying to compete with authority site,it my end as a waste of time and effort. Therefore you must  do your diligence research of whom you are competing with and how you can outrank them if you can.
Today am introducing a tool you can use to find information about your competitor,and use it as a guide for your own strategy.
The Tool is https://www.keywordrevealer.com.This is a  comp checker tool that has both free and paidplan
See the image below

But the free sub is enough,if  you need more info subscribe to the payed plan. Now go https://www.keywordrevealer.com and register,check your email for confirmation.After your confirmation and login to your account.
When you login, your dashboard should look like this

Now click on the gear sign at the left to start your search
write your keyword where you see please enter a keyword and click on search,just like the image below

when click search you get your final result like this

Click on Analyze to see how difficult the keyword is 

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