29 Aug 2018


Video marketing is another very powerful option when it comes to driving traffic to your website and as it with other methods it has some specific advantages that makes it uniquely useful.
Perhaps the biggest advantage video has is how engaging it is.
Another big advantage of video ,is that is so persuasive and is potentially emotional.If you can put your video into a video form.Then you will have a way of to really suck people in and to get a lot of visit to your website.

 (1) https://vimeo.com

Dialymotion  is a French video-sharing website that allows users to view, upload, browse videos by searching tags, categories, channels, or user-created groups. Dailymotion offers a wide range of random video content

Twitch is a video site for gamers. Here people broadcast themselves playing or talking about games while others watch them either live or via archived footage. You can also broadcast or archive your gameplay, chat with other gamers and join various gaming communities. The free account comes with advertising on videos. If you want to remove it, consider going Turbo. Here are more options open to Turbo subscribers:

 LiveLeak is a UK-based video sharing website that lets users publish videos. Although LiveLeak is majorly oriented to politics, war, and other world events, users are free to post any content they want if it doesn’t violate the website policy. For example. it’s prohibited to upload any advertising media, music (unless you are the copyright holder), videos showing criminal activity, etc. The ideal for LiveLeak video should contain sufficient factual background information or news value

YouTube has reached a level of ubiquity in the video-sharing market that for millions of internet users, YouTube is not only how they were introduced to video sharing—it's also the only video sharing site they're even aware of. Videos uploaded to YouTube have to be smaller than 2GB, and they must be 10 minutes or shorter in length if you're using a basic account. YouTube places no restriction on the number of videos you can upload as long as they follow the 2GB/10min rule. You can't edit your videos once you've uploaded them to YouTube, but you can annotate them with additional information and links. YouTube lets you embed and customize the player, again, for free.
  • Vine is a website with tons of interesting 6 second looped videos;
  • StupidVideos presents funny and stupid videos from around the web and TV;
  • Ustream (from $99/month) is a video streaming service for business owners and media;
  • Flickr is Yahoo!’s service to host your images and videos;
  • Facebook and Instagram accept user-generated videos;
  • CollegeHumor is one of the most popular comedy sites with tons of funny videos.
There are multiple approches you can take  to make  a video.The first and the most common is to film yourself talking and include some cutaways or still images to mix things up.This days you can record high quality on a lot of phones.Write a script, speaks slowly as many  take as you can.Now you should look at using software like Adobe premiere for editing.
Now try to edit your video so it flows nicely and so you aren’t lingering on
one shot for too long. When transitioning between takes, always switch
angle at the same time and try to pick off from the same timestarnp. If
you’re not doing that then ¡t can look a little jarring  (it’s called a jump cut’)
but you can lessen this by adding an animated transition of some sort.
(Don’t use transitions unless you need them or ¡t can look like you’re over
excited to be using editing software for the first time...)

Making Videos without a Camera Not everyone  will  feel confident to go through this process however,
Especially   if  they don’t  like their   speaking voice or how they look on film.That’s completely fine—just don’t make the mistake of ignoring video as a Result.You can actually make videos in a number e of other ways you see that don’t Have  to involve you being in front of the camera. One simple example ¡s to
 make a slideshow which you can do even ¡n Excel by just saving as an*mpg . It’s  then  no big deal to record your voice over the top using a voice recorder and Windows Movie Maker.Another option is to capture your screen and to talk over that footage. This is especially useful  for tutorials on web design or programing.Alternatively, you cain create a whiteboard animation (there’s a lot of software out there to do this for you) or even a stop motion animation. Any of these things will work as a great advert for your website that will attract lots of visitors when used with Facebook  Ads or other types of social Media.  And if you post regularly to YouTube aid find ways to ensure your Video is entertaining. Inspiring or informative, you’ll find this is also a great way to build a following and drive traffic — even if you’re not in front of the camera!

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