26 Sept 2018

Creating More Advanced Content in wordpress
Creating More Advanced Content in wordpress
          Creating basic text is nice, but WordPress is capable of so much more. What’s more, web user these days expect references, images, and even audio and video from your site. WordPress has a way to accomplish all this without requiring you to know any web programming language.
Adding Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks are references on a web page that, when clicked, take you to another location on the same page or to a different page altogether. Hyperlinks can either be text or an image. To place a hyperlink in your post or page (aka article), you first need to know the location of the other page. Follow these steps to add a text hyperlink
1. Edit your article.
 2. Open a second browser window or tab.
3. Go to the page you want to link to.
4. Select the text in the address bar: Be sure so get the entire address. Placing your cursor in the address bar usually highlights everything by default However, if you don’t have everything Selected. You can press Ctrl-A (Windows) X-A (Mac) to select All text
 5. Right-click your mouse and select Copy’ or press Ctrl-C (Windows) X-C (MaC)
6. Close the second browser window or tab
.7. In the Visual Editor use your cursor to select the text you want to use as your link.
8. Click the icon that looks like two links of a chain
 9 The insert /Edit link window displays with several fields . Fill in the fields as follows: Link URL—This is the address you copied front the Address bar in the other window Type or paste the complete web address by pressing Ctrl-V (windows) X -V (Mac Target—this identifies where the new page will be displayed. Title—the text in the title is what pops up when you Move your cursor over the link. Many times it is the same As the text of the link, but can be different For example. The text might contain ‘chuck Tomasi” and the title contains “Chuck’s home page.” Class—the class identifies the style in which the link is displayed. The values in this field refer to the cascading style sheet (CSS) “Values. CSS is beyond the scope of this Book It’s OK to leave the class with the default value Not Set—”.
10.Click Insert
 Adding images 
Adding images to your article communicates much more information than text alone. Inserting images into your article is available in four ways: I. From your computer 2. From a URL (another website) 3. from the gallery (available after images are uploaded) 4. from the media library Begin any of these methods by placing your cursor in the body of your text where you want to insert the image and then click the Add an Image icon. The Add an Image window opens Adding an image From Your Computer To add an image from your computer follows these steps: 1. Select the left option (From Computer) at the top of the Add an  

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