26 Sept 2018

Creating Pages in wordpress
Creating Pages in wordpress
 Pages contain static content that is quickly accessible from nearly anywhere on the blog. as opposed to a more dynamic influx of regular posts. As with posts, you can insert images. Links, or any other type of information that the Visual Editor supports to create your page one good Creating Basic Pages Creating a page is similar to creating a post. There are some differences that I will point out as we walk through the process. To create a new page:

1. Click Pages from the side menu  
2. Click Add New from the Pages section.
3. Give your page a title. Keep your page title short (one or two words). Many themes display page titles horizontally. Short titles work much better in this situation.
4. Add the content Page editing uses the same Visual Editor as the post editor, so all the same formatting tips described in the “Creating Posts” section also apply to pages.
5. Set the attributes. 
Unlike posts with tags and categories, pages have an Attributes section on the right. Defining the parent page allows you to arrange your pages hierarchically. For example, you may have a sporting goods products page that has “subpages” for hunting, fishing, tennis, and so on. All these pages would have the same parent page. The main page is the parent by default. The attributes section also has an option that allows you to define bow your pages are ordered, if you leave all pages at O, they are sorted alphabetically by title
6. Set the comments and trackback options. Again, like posts, pages can allow comments and trackbacks (references) if the appropriate check boxes under the page body are checked.
7. Publish your post the same options to publish your page (date. time, visibility, and so on) are also available. Editing Pages Managing pages is similar to managing posts. Begin by selecting the Pages section in the side menu. A list of pages is presented. Refer to the ‘List Basic" sidebar earlier in this lesson for the fundamentals of managing WordPress lists, You can edit any page by clicking on the page name or using she Edit link That appears just below the title when your mouse cursor passes over the Row containing the page information. When the editor appears, change the title, content or other options to suit your needs. You can find more information on the editor’s features in the ‘visual Editor" section earlier in this lesson. When you are done making changes, click Update.

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