6 Oct 2018

Adding Audio In Wordpress Post
 Adding audio to your blog can turn your readers into listeners. There is something more intimate about hearing someone’s voice than reading her words. Some bloggers have combined blogging with audio production to create a new media form called podcasting. There are three ways you can include audio to your blog. The first is to upload an MPS file somewhere on the Internet and insert a short code” so use the built-in audio player in WordPress to play the file . If u have a file you want to reference and know the URL. you can do the following:

 1. Edit your article.
2. Switch the visual Editor to HTML mode by clicking the HTML link above the text edit box.
3. Enter the short code in the format:(audio http://mydomain.com/audio/myfile.mp3). Replacing the URL with your appropriate address.
 4. Save your article.
Your article then has a simple embedded audio player that visitors to your site can click and hear. The second way to include audio in an article is to buy the space upgrade from WordPress (available under Dashboard. Upgrades) to enable uploading of audio files to your media library. From the visual Editor, you can also use the Add Audio icon (shaped like musical notes). Audio files supported are WAV, MPS. MP4. M4A and OGG After you purchase the upgrade, the process of uploading and managing audio files is similar to managing images. The final way you can add audio to a post is to create a link that references your file elsewhere on the Internet. This requires your readers to Download the file and play it on their machine.

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