29 Jul 2019

Uses of  Social Media Bot as a Nigeria Blogger

social media bot are small code  used to automate manual activities in other to save time , money and other valuable resources. Automating a particular activity allow you to cover large volume of such activities in a very short time.for example, let  say you want to manage 200 facebooks account daily manually -posting, chatting , commenting, and all sort of things. how difficult and time consuming do you think, those task will be manually. But we can achieve all that on 200 accounts in a few seconds automatically without spending unnecessary time looking at our computer. this is where a bot is needed to perform such tasks without wasting time

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 (1) Manual Method.

 Manual method is by following people manually without a bot,this method is good and cost less money,but it involve manual labour which might takes long period of time to achieve any reasonable result, the other method is through a bot.

(2) Bot Method

A bot is a software program that operates on the Internet and performs repetitive tasks.now that you have know what a bot is , let now look at why you need a social media bot, types of  social media bot  and how to use social media bot for marketing.

Why you need a social media bot

A bot is needed for automation  of your social activities i.e making your hard work simpler through the use of some programming language to automate your work.
(2) A  bot saves you time. that is , things you suppose to do for 4 hours can be done under few seconds.
 Bot can be used to manage a lot of account instead of doing it manually.

Types Of Bot

 (1) Social media bot
Social media bot are bots that are manage by website like facebook, instagram, twitter to increase user visibility and engagement.

(2) backlink checker bot
this are bot that used to check websites that are linking to a particular site.let say your site is www.part.com and www.dentist.com is linking to it, so we used backlink checker to check sites that are linking to a particlar website

(3) Monitoring Bots(e.g. Pingdom) - Bots that are used to monitor uptime and system health of the websites. These bots periodically check and report on page load times, downtime duration, and so on.

(4) Aggregator bot.
this is a bot that is used to collect information from different website and search engines.this type of bot is what is used in sites like www.newnow.co.uk, feedly , panda,metacritics, morning news, science news

(5) Scraper bot are design to automatically collect  or steal data from the web

 (6)  Search engine crawler bot.
This kind of bot is used by search engine to crawl the internet for new website, new articles, video e .t.c for indexation

(7)Scalper bots - These bots target ticketing websites, and make bulk purchases. The modus operandi is to purchase hundreds of tickets as soon as the bookings open, and sell it to reseller websites at many times the original cost of the ticket. The original unprotected ticket selling website stands to lose genuine customers because of their inability to purchase tickets at the original cost.

All the bot mentioned above is use for one thing or the other as it is describe in the list above. but for  this post i will only be explaining  some good  social media bot, you can use for marketing and how to use them


 dominator is a  paid social media bot that can be used  to automate your manual activities,it works on all major social media sites like facebook, twitter, linked , pinterest.,  instagram, gumtree and craiglist


This is the best social media  bot  for  instagram- automation,  facebook automation, twitter automation, pin interest automation, linked automation, tumblr automation and  youtube  automatoion in the market now.jarvee is far better than other social media bot in term of pricing, number of social media profile you can automate, update frequency, response time and it is easy to navigate.


More to come about Jarvee later in my comparison post


followlikers  just like every other social media bot is used for automation, but also has its own uniqueness that makes it different from every other Bot in the market. Here the list of things you can do  with Followliker



Here is a quick link to comparison between followliker and jarvee



landbot.io is a  tool that turns static landing page into a conversational chat platform, by which you can receive instant message from whosoever that visit your page and you can also reply immediately without delay.landbot.io have both free and payed plan.to use landbot.io,  you have to intergrate the code you will given into the backend of your website.i will explain how to create chatbot with landbot.io in my future post.



from the testimony received from Yvonne Chen, VP of Marketing, it is clear that marketer will experience 30% of revenue growth using intercom chatbot. which means intercom is very viable in increasing our revenue from zero to any number you project. 




Iftt is a web service to create an applet which can be used to automate several manual tasks that could have take you several hours to do. iftt has several recipes that works with facebook, twitter, gmail, blogger,evernote e.t.c here a few things you can do with iftt recipes:-

(1) Automatically change your Twitter profile pic when you update your Facebook photo
(2)Share new Facebook image uploads to Twitter
(3)Share Face book post on tweeter
(4)Back up photos you're tagged in on Facebook to an iOS Photos album.
(5)Tweet your Facebook status updates
(6)When you receive a new email about a new Twitter follower in your Gmail inbox, tweet the new follower a welcome message.
 (7)Easily add YouTube videos you mark as Watch Later to Evernote.


Without a doubt it is clear that buffer is among the most successful social media bot, some of the features that makes buffer so successful are the clean interface, its several option to curate content, its wondeful  mobile app and ability to add several team member to the business plan. All these feature makes buffer so interesting and fascinating.If you want to manage several social media account smoothly then get buffer.


Are you an online marketer? Or you just need to spread your information to a large group of people? ManyChat will help you build a Facebook Messenger bot easy and fast, just connect it to your account! That way you can expand your audience and grow your business. It has all the tools needed to engage and boost your subscribers! Our main focus is on helping you engage your audience with features like:
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