8 Aug 2019

having you be looking for new way to make extra or side income and you have tried several things, but none seem to work. am happy to introduce to your new platform that you can use to make money both online or offline.The only thing you will need is to learn how to market the product, and if you dont know how to market, dont worry i get your cover .

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I will teach you how to market your product online without stress .
 Aliveshoe is a platform that allows anyone who is interested in making money through shoe selling to design and produce quality footwear. Using thier unique fashion-tech platform, individuals and small companies are easily able to start shoe lines for free, online, and in little time.
Here is how to design a shoe in  aliveshoe:

1. Register and login

2.after that click on menu at the right hand side and then click start design.

3.You will have two option,click on am starting a new line

4. Next is to choose the style you want, you can choose any style that appeal to you

5. After that you will be ask to name your shoe, just look for any name you like and put it in the box.

6. Next is to write short description about your shoe line

7. Now you are to choose the type of shoe you want to place your design on

8. lastly, start customizing your design, base the on  colour you will like on a shoe.follow the picture below

Here is the final product of  our work. you can then start marketing with any method you know. or if you don't know any method. check my next post for the best marketing method

after a successful  design begin to market on facebook, twitter, instagram and pininteres.

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