31 Aug 2019

This is a continuation of my previous post Learn to do private labeling and droshiping like a professional, read it before you continue 
  So your product is manufactured, packaged and priced so now it's time to make some money!

Obviously there are a million and one ways to actually sell your product - here are just a few:

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Distribution - link up with a distributor in your product niche and have them do the hard work of selling it for you! They usually have a huge reach made up of different retailers and can shift a lot of units so make sure you price your product correctly and are ready to scale up if necessary. As they see a lot of products all the time it can be hard to get them to sell yours. Send them your product with a covering letter if possible and something for them to remember you by (I often use a box of chocolates that look fancy but only actually cost about £1!).

 Approach buyers yourself - if you want to cut out the middle man you can approach buyers yourself. Research all the companies that you would like to see stocking your product and then do a search for that company and the word "buyer" in google. You can usually find a Linked In profile. Then send your product in the same way as above to their offices with the person you have found above as the recipient and follow up a few days after with a phone call. Be firm with your price and don't go too low just because they are a big company. You still have to make your profit after all!

 Sell direct to retailer - why not try selling direct to the retailer. Usually there are companies in your niche that are independents and are happy for a salesman to come in and sell to them. You might not get huge orders this way but it's a good way to shift some stock and because you are selling it yourself you know you are painting your product in the best possible light!

 Get crowdfunded - as I mentioned earlier I did a Kickstarter campaign for one of my products and did ok. The trick is to be completely committed because you will be spending your entire time working on it. You must create the sales copy, create a great video, set up a website and social media and so much more. Most of your time though will be spent trying to get people to cover your product. Journalists are very hard to pin down. I did the following:

Source all the publications/blogs/websites you want to be featured on.
 Search for the people in your field i.e. Technology journalist Daily Mail. There are often more than one!
 Add them with your product social accounts.
 Send them an email and tweet. Wait a few days and then try and call them.
 In your email you should have a very well written press release with a link to high quality images of your product. They are lazy bastards basically and want an easy story so try to give them one on a plate and you will succeed!!
Once you are successfully funded - send all your products on time and save all the users emails. You can then start a customer database and target them for repeat sales and upsells.
Also search for large Facebook groups in the crowdfunding niche and post in those - I got a few sales doing that!
 Sell direct to people offline - if you live somewhere where it is legal to sell in the streets with a permit then go for it!! It is a great way to see how people react to your product and it's always nice to be paid in cash! In the U.K. All you have to do is apply for a pedlars license which costs around £15 and you're off!

 Sell direct to people online - you should always get a website for your product so that you can sell online. Shopify is incredible for this as you can set it up in about an hour! Make sure you have great images and content on it and then start pushing it! Try social media ads, ppc, sponsored Instagram reviews and shoutouts - any way to get traffic to your product - blackhatworld is a huge resource for methods to sell online so research and implement. We also haven't talked about eBay or Amazon - a while back I bought my girlfriend a shellac nail kit for her birthday and realised that there was actually a lot of money to be made in that niche. I set up an eBay store and the business grew incredibly quickly - I sold over 100k in stock before I got priced completely out of the market and it was no longer profitable enough to continue. You can also sell on Amazon and use their incredible FBA service where they take care of all the storing, postage and packaging for you.

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