4 Dec 2019

Every programmer that I know always look for a good code editor to use for their project. The code editor you use will determine how efficient your work will be. So if you don't know any good code editor to use or you have been using one code editor and you want to change to another for ease and efficiency I'm going to tell you the code editor that I use for my project and I believe this is what several professional programmers are also using due to the advance futures that makes work easier for them.

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Visual Studio

Microsoft created Visual Studio Code Editor. In 2018,which compete very well with a sister code editor (Atom) which was created by Github
Though there are several code editors out there apart from visual code Editor and atom  which are used by programmer, but my own personal preference is visual studio code editor due to the following features:-

 Fast performance
 Electron apps have gained a reputation for sluggish performance and slow startup times across the board, but Visual Studio Code manages to avoid this.VS Code has the clear advantage when it comes to performance over any other editors.

Git Integration
 This is a very good feature I love about visual studio code because it helps me  collaborate with other team developer,and makes it easier to deals with version control without having to open the terminal window.

Markdown Support
what is mark down, if you don't know?
Mark down was created as an alternatives to html and allow people to create web pages without html experience.So with this feature available on visual code, it is easier for someone without html experience to build a web page.
Preview Functionality
This features enables you to open real browser preview of  your code for easy debugging.
Some of these features can also be found in other code editor, but i think visual code has an edge over every code editors I  have used.

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