11 Dec 2019

This tutorial is all about how to restrict your file from being re-share over the internet without your permission.

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Let's us say for example you share a file with somebody and you don't want the person you share the file with to share  with other people without your permission. You can encrypt the file in such a way that no other person will have access to it except the only one person you want to give the file to. The method is making a self-destructive link  i.e it will be Un-clickable after sometime and nobody will  have access to the file except you share the original link with another person. So let's see how we can achieve this with this tools I will be showing you.


All you need to do is to   upload your document and set your password to protect the file.After that you copy the link.
That link will expire within a day of after one download.


 Click on Download and download the app on your computer.The encryption will allow one user to have access to the file.so it can be seen by whosoever you want.

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