5 Dec 2019

This tutorial is about how to share an email you received in Gmail from your laptop to WhatsApp on your phone. Why this tutorial is very important is because some part of the screen guard of your phone might not be responding to touch and you want to share a link to somebody on WhatsApp on your phone like what happened to me. I want to share a link to someone on WhatsApp and I was trying to open the website on my phone but the screen guard is not responding so I have to go on my laptop to do the work Here are the steps  I follow:-

(1)Login to your Gmail account and click on compose.

(2)In the To area put your Gmail address and in subject area,put whatsoever you like

(3)Then paste whatsoever you want to send to whatapp and send

(4)Then go and open the message and click a word, hold the word until the word turns highlighted blue

A menu should appear next to the word allowing you to “Select all” and to SHARE. Either move the selection pointers to select more text or, tap on Share once you are happy with what you have selected (and that should be blue highlighted).

When you tap SHARE, A little Window with apps icons should appear, look for the WhatsApp app icon ( which obviously should be already installed and working on that device). Tap on the WhatsApp icon and WhatsApp should open, then select and tap on the person (or phone) you want the message to be î sent to. Once you do this,your “copied” email should appear as in a new message entry bubble. Type something else if you wish and just send the message.

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