14 Dec 2019

How to set up firefox new profile and making it work faster
Setting-up new profile of fire-fox is not a new skill on the internet among marketers, because it can be used for several purposes.the usefulness is so enormous that i cannot mention it all.So, someone we ask me, why am writing on this again in 2019 since it not something new.But am putting up several things, i found on the internet on this subject, which i believe is going to be useful for all my readers.

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The benefit of this is that every browser clone is fresh browser after you  creat it. every clone have own cache and cookies, you  have multiple browser. so you can do unlimited work, create multiple social account, create gmail account, adword account, or EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

Now let me take you on how to set up new fire-fox profile.

1. click win hotkey windows+R or go to search and type RUN then open it. put this code = firefox -p -no-remote

 2. click create profile then next and put clone name then click finish, then choose your clone name and click "start firefox"

you can create unlimited clone. image if you want open other clone you have created just do step 1, choose your clone name then click "start firefox" Now after setting up a new profile, we are going to create a short cut for our new profile.

Now let see some basic firefox configuration that will enhance your usage of the software
Let's start: In the address bar write the following:
You'll have to agree to be careful, and then you'll be able to edit under-the-hood settings on your browser. Now search for these settings, and change their values accordingly:

network.http.pipelining to True (Double click on the row to change)
network.http.proxy.pipelining to True (Double click on the row to change)
network.http.pipelining.ssl to True (Double click on the row to change)
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to 20
network.http.max-connections to 128
network.http.max-connections-per-server to 48
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy to 24
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server to 12
Finally we are going to download some app that we reduce force firefox to use a particular amount of cache memory and lower the memory usage to 10mb.
Here we go
  Add new INTEGER based option (See above how to do it) "browser.cache.memory.capacity" and set its value to "20000" (Equals to 20MB) - This option forces FF to use the particular amount of cache memory.

 MOST IMPORTANT, download Firemin from: Code: http://www.rizonesoft.com/2011/firemin/ This little app will optimize Firefox databases and will result in GREAT IMPROVEMNT of PERFORMANCE of all your instances! Using this alone, I was able to lower the memory usage to 10-12MB per 50 open tabs!.Enjoy

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