9 Dec 2019

  Tools to Know The Number of Words Your Whole Website has

I saw some people asking in a forum I belong  the tools they can use to know the total number of words  on their whole website, so i decided to write a blog post about few tools you can use to do that.

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http://siteliner.com/ ?

  what you need to do here is to copy site URL in the box where where you have http:// and press go. Your website will be scan for some minute and you will get a report.


How does the word count tool work? Simply go to Website Word Count page, enter your website URL and press enter. Once the scan starts, you can already see the tool in action.On the right side, you can see each separate URL with its total number of words. On the left side, the Total Word Count for your website starts incrementing. Please note that the total word count is a unique count. It does not count the same words or sentences twice, if they are present more than once on the site (this is how Weglot’s own word-counting system works) .

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