12 Dec 2019

Trick to Link to Files In Google Docs for Direct Download

i found this trick on a website why i was searching for how to link to files in google docs for direct download.some people might know this, but am sharing this  for those that don't know and for those who  are not  tech savvy like me.Because it took me several hours of searching before i could come to this.
Now here will go.
first thing is to upload your file on google doc and get the link to share,or just type or copy paste whatsoever you want to share.
here are the steps to do that

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(1) Go to google drive and login if you have an account, if  you don't-create an account
(2) when google drive open,click on my drive. There is going to be a drop down menu, click google docs,there will be another drop down menu, choose blank document.
 (3) post whatever you want to share on the blank page and follow the instruction 4-7 according to the image 1-4

(4) right click to your video > Share
(5) click Advance > Change
(6) Tick Anyone with the link or Public on the web
(7) Copy the link to share.
The link should look like this:


(8) Paste the link in notepad or any text editor because we are going to change something their soon
Now, copy the  link below and change the document id to your own,the document id start from where you have the document id=


You can copy your individual file id from within the "Share..."-dialogue. Here you also need to put the share settings to "public" or to "anyone with the link"
That is it Guys

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