25 Feb 2020

Instagold is one of the leading e-currency exchange in Nigeria that specializes in  the provision of fast, reliable and efficient e-currency exchange service. their service is in two form:-

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 (1)convert your Cash to E-currency 
(2) convert your E-currency to Cash.
In other to convert your e-currency to cash you must first of all fund your instantgold account with the fiat currency.either through ATM transfer, ussd code, cash payment or any other form of payment available on their platform.
Using gtb ussd code which 737 is the easiest out of all the funding method i found on their platform because that can be done at any time, any place,and any moment as long as their is internet connection and your mobile phone.
Let me teach you how to do it.

(1) Login to your instantgold accounto
(2) Click on  Buy E-currency at the right hand side of your dashborad.

(3) Set the amount you want to fund and select the E-platform you want to fund.

(4) Use the option number 4 which say 737  GTBANK USSD mobile transfer and click proceed below.

(5) Follow the instruction that came and verified your funding, use have to supply your reference

number while submitting your funding form for confirmation.This gave a little tough time while i do it on my small phone.but you can also get it from the email sent to you by GTBBANK if  your always received email alert, it  is eight(8) digit number at the end of the email.

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