15 Feb 2020

Local Business opportunities in Badagry Lagos

Today I want to share some business ideas with my reader which can be done from badagry. Badagry is a cluster community in Lagos,it was a long stretch of beach which is often less crowded than the other beaches in Lagos. and his favourite for those seeking quiet and seclusion on the beach .

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 Badagry lies by the border with Benin republic known as seme border.Badagry has a number of interesting sights and places to see and visit. Badagry is also full of several business opportunities because of her closeness to the border and her possessing of swamp,ocean and the sea.

 All this feature makes Badagry lucrative for some set of business which i will list below.
 Here i few business you can do in badagry and be successful
 Coconut Business
Fish business
Mat Business
 Fairly used cloth business.
Why Badagry?
Because of his closeness to the border and being coastal area.

Coconut Business
 Coconut business is one of the lucrative businesses you can venture into in Nigeria, because it is very easy to get and profitable.coconut has a high demand all over the world because of its nutritional value.
Coconut Here are few villages you can get coconut cheaper in Badagry
Semes border
Ajara Ajido
Sapo beach

Fish Business

Another business you can do in badagry is fish business. Badagry market,called Agbalata specialize in fish trading.people from Benin republic and neighbouring village brought fish to Agbalatis market for sales and you can get it very cheap than any other place in the country.

Mat business

This is another business that strives in badagry because badagry is a swampy area where rafia grown.Rafia is used to make mats you can easily venture into it. You can get into the mat business with a little money like 1000 to 2000 naira and become financially independent in time

 Fairly used cloth.
 This business is very good for students on the campus and mothers sitting at home doing nothing.you can easily make a huge amount of money from this business in a very short time. Where can I get fairly used cloth cheap? Agbalata Market Badagry, it share boundary with benin republic border.and you can easily move your goods to any part of the country through several mean of transportation e.g ferry, road e.t.c

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