20 Mar 2020

D2D LIVE(2020) - TODAY at 4 PM Eastern (3 PM Central)!

Draft to digital is an online platform for publisher,they allow you to publish your book on their platform and make sales.when you make sales they take little percentage of your profit for their storage and marketing effort.This is a very good and reliable website i have used to sell some of my religious book i wrote.

So if you which to make money via selling ebooks online, i will highly recommend draft to digital for you to try.

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This platform usually hold an annual live event to explain to their user how they can make money using their platform, because as the popular saying goes that "what you don't know, you don't know".and ignorant is not and excuse in the court of law.
The event is so much important for those that want to make money through ebook writing using draft2digital.com as a platform.

The online live event we answer every questions that you might be having in your heart about making money online writing Ebooks. And make you to understand the new features they might have added to the website.and more so the event will be recorded and be made available for free, if you can't be available for the online event. 

To Participate
Click on this link and joined the event while it is on  https://draft2digital.com/live

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