28 Jan 2021


The importance of landing page can never be  oversize in internet marketing. Because it is the link between the seller and the buyer.

Landing page is the first  advertisement sign Post for our business. This is what a customer will see first  in another to have a clue of what we are offering them so every internet marketer must  the design of Landing page very serious. But this is too real is not about how to design a landing page but how to host them. Let's say you have a ready made landing  page and your lack of fund or you don't want to spend any money in hosting  the landing page.

This tutorial is to help you on how to host your landing page free of charge with GitHub.com.

Things we need are as follows

(1)A email account

(2) GitHub.com account

(3) what to host(for this tutorial we will hosting a free landing page.

Now let's start.

Create an account on any email provider and used that email to register on GitHub.com, 

(2) Verify your GitHub account and click on create repository on GitHub.

On the repository name, put a name that is related to what you are hosting, and don't uncheck the public radio button, then click create repository.

(3) in the next page that will open, look for create a file a click on it. And then fill where they write you domain.name plus generator with "INDEX.MD"

(4) Now in the content area, put whatsoever you want to host there and click commit new file.

(5) Next step is to go to setting, scroll down and look for GitHub pages,look for source and click on the drop down arrow and choose main>then save.

Then page should reload after you click save.

You will see your link, click on it, your site should be ready.

Thanks for reading

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