25 Jan 2021

 How To Make Money with whatapp

A lot of people still struggle to make money  on daily basis from the internet. This happened as a result of lack of knowledge or no knowledge at all. Some even have some knowledge but their knowledge is not  good enough to earn them a Penny from the internet.

As a result of this many people spend unnecessary time chatting on Facebook WhatsApp and washing  unnecessary videos on YouTube.

To put an end to spending  unnecessary time on social media, let us see how to convert  time spent on social media to money.

In this tutorial we will be making use of whatapp is our money making machine

Now let's look at how we can earn some living on the internet through WhatsApp

Adfly and a website called freenom.

Briefly let me explain what each of the tools stand for.

WhatsApp is an instant messenger that we will be using to promote our link.

adfly is a URL shortener which pays you for every click you got on any URL you shorten with their service.

Freenom is domain hosting website. Why we need freenom,com is that some social media like Facebook will not allow you to post direct adfly link on their platform. So we will be getting our own free domain from them.

Now that you know why we need each of those tools, let begin the set up.

(1) Create an account at adfly.com(why we choose this network is because they will allow us to choose our own domain.

(2) Create an account on freenom.com and get a free domain

(3) Create an account on infinityfree.net to get free hosting for the domain you get from freenom.com

Now the next step is to link our domain we get from freenom.com to the host server infinityfree.net, to do that.

We need  to go to infinityfree.net to get what we called Nameserver( this is what is needed to connect a domain registrar website to a hosting website.

Now go to infinityfree.net  and click on your domain after login then click on control panel and go to preference when the page finishing loading, you will see Dns/Nameserver section, copy the 2 Nameservers and save it somewhere, because you will still need it.

(4) Go to freenom.com login again and scroll down, click on my domain, you will see your registered domain, click on manage domain, when the page open, click on  manage domain Dns(This is where you will put the Nameservers i asked you to keep before). 

Now the next step is to create a subdomain

(5) Go back to infinityfree.net and click on cpanel>Domains section>Sub domains, go to create subdomain and put any name you like in the first column and in the second column, click the drop down arrow and find your domain.then click create.

(6) copy the subdomain you just created and head  to your adfly account click tools click domains click create manage domains copy and paste your sub-domain from freenom to domain field in adfly and click add custom domain

may you ask why this because we want our domain to sent to the whatsapp user, not the adfly random domains

Reload your adfly account for  your new added domain to appear on the dork list.

6)now short some links don't forget to choose user domain not the random domain on adfly

choose something funny or some trending news like trump niche people in USA just send them some links that has some trump pic as a thumbnail and some clickbait headlines and they will click on it :)

7) Now how to add a trump thumbnail to appear in WhatsApp links and not the adfly logo, go to your adfly account choose that link that you shorted before and click on a pencil sign beside it to edit it, after that add some clickbait title in the title field, and the link to the image that you want to appear in WhatsApp in the facebook thumbnail field. now when you share that link the user will see your domain and your image, not adfly logo and domain



(8) How to find phone numbers first search for atomic SMS chrome extension and install it click on the extension icon and choose usa in the collect numbers from field, after that go to Facebook and search for "your phone number comment" without the quote sign filter results by location choose some city in the USA, choose public posts and keep scrolling down to load more results choose some post with a lot of comments click on comments click on show more comments keep doing this to load more results, now you have some numbers in the extension click on it and copy the numbers open any text editor and paste them

(9) now the hard part how to add those numbers to your phone the best way I found is to add those numbers to google contact account on your pc and ad the same google account to your phone and sync the goolge account this will load all the numbers to your phone device but the problem that I faced is how to add those phone numbers to google account the only way is to add them manually

I tried to import those numbers from CSV file but they don't accept it they only accept vcard file I guess, so why adding those numbers to google account and not to your phone directly because copy and past on a pc is easier I guess

10) now after adding phone numbers to your phone device open WhatsApp copy the link from adfly and send it to any number but the trick is instead of keep sending this link to one by one after sending it to the first one click on a little arrow beside the link this will allowed you to forward this link to all users that you selected, so click that little arrow and select some users to send the link to them and you are done

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