18 Feb 2021


Nothing sweet the heart of an internet marketer than  knowing how to do free stuffs. Because any internet marketer who do not know how to do things free of charge we spend a whole lot of money hiring freelancers who will be able to do them for him and more so that slow down their journey in internet marketing. So knowing 

how to do free stuff can be of help when you are short of cash.

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how  you can build  WordPress website from scratch freely with freenom.com and infinityfree.net

Let's get started.

(1) Go to freenom.com and check for the availability of the domain name you want to use.it could be anything, as far it has not being register by another user. 

Enter the domain name and click on check availability

Choose any of the domain names and click on get it now then click on checkout. Set a period of time for your domain.

(2) Create an account on infinityfree.net to get free hosting for the domain you get from freenom.com

Now click on create account and sign in with your new domain.

(3)  Next step is to link our domain we get from freenom.com to the host server infinityfree.net, to do that.

We need  to go to infinityfree.net to get what we called Nameserver( this is what is needed to connect a domain registrar website to a hosting website.

Now go to infinityfree.net  and click on your domain after login then click on control panel and go to preference when the page finishing loading, you will see Dns/Nameserver section, copy the 2 Nameservers and save it somewhere, because you will still need it.

(4) Go to freenom.com login again and scroll down, click on my domain, you will see your registered domain, click on manage domain, when the page open, click on  manage domain Dns(This is where you will put the Nameservers i asked you to keep before). 

After you put your name server, click on save.and wait for some minutes for your name serve to populate.

After some time put your domain name in your browser it should load now.

Time  to add WordPress to our hosting site.( WordPress is the most popular website design framework in the internet).

Now go back to your Cpanel on  infinityfree.net and search for Softaculou (which is an application to install WordPress). Look at the image below

 It will open a page where you will find WordPress, click on install WordPress

Click wordpress and then install, change admin username and password, after that use a template and then click install.
after the installation, we are now ready to customize our website using wordpress.
The first thing we are going to do is delete plugins (plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website.)

Go to your dashboard left hand side and look for plugins

From your dashboard, click Plugins. Now that you're on the Plugins page, you will be able to view all of the plugins that you currently have on your website. Locate the plugin that you would like to uninstall. If the plugin is active, you will first need to click Deactivate, before you you can delete or uninstall.

So on the plugin page tick the plugin you want to delete and click deactivate>then click apply. after deactivation, you can then delete with the same process.

Next thing we are going to do is to update our permalink.

Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual pages and blog posts, as well as your category and tag archives. A permalink is the web address used to link to your content. The URL to each post should be permanent and never change — hence the name permalink.

But why do we need to update our permalink, there are some permalinks that is looks un-professional by default, which is given to us by WordPress. so we have to update our permalink to look like a professional.

Now go to your dashboard, scroll down and click on setting. now you should be on permalink page, scroll down and click on post name then save.

You will discover that your post URL has been changed to something more professional than what we are giving by default, so always learn to update your permalink if yoy want your post you URL to look professional.

Now the next thing you're going to do is to see if you have an  updates on your website, because an update can cause changes on our website.

Go back to your website dashboard and click on update.

If you have an update, kindly update your website before you do any other things.

Now is time to install a theme.

A theme is a tool to change the layout and design of your website. Themes customize the appearance of your site, including the layout, typography, color, and other design elements.
So, how do we add theme?

Go back to your dashboard>appearance>theme

Choose any of the theme you like and click install, after the installation click on activate.

Next thing is to add plugins to our website

At the top of the theme page, click begin to install plugins, when the plugin page open, click on install under ocean Extra and install it.

By now you should be at this page.

I hope you are enjoying the tutorial. Now we are going to delete some post and pages that is  install on our website by default, in other to make our website neater and look more professional.
To do that, you will go back to your dashboard and click on pages>sample page> view to see how your page look like.then click the back arrow on your browser and go back to the sample page a-hover and click on trash, then go back to trash and delete permanently.
Now repeat the same process to post, to delete post permanently.
Next we are going to change out title and tag line.when you go to your website you will see your title at the upper left of your blog and tag line in the centre.

To change those two element on your website
open your website in your browser and click on customize at the upper left  of the website, when you are the customizing page, click on side identity, and change site title to what you do and Tagline to whatever you like. then click publish.


Now we are going to add pages to our website.

To do that, go back to your dashboard and click on pages>Add new at the top page, then write the pages names like Home, About, Contact .e.t.c. make sure you publish each  of the pages after writing them.

Then we are going to add Menu to our website.To do that open your website in your browser and click on customize, scroll down and click on top bar>Click general, when the next page open unchecked enable top bar and go back with back arrow from your browser to add your menu

Click> Create new menu

In the menu name write Main  and  check main>Next > Add menu. Click on the the custom link to check if the URL is your website URL.After that click on add item again to view your added pages.begin to click on each one of them to add them.Then go back wit

Now it is time to add style to our menu

Go back to your customize page and choose header>then style.You can choose any of the  following for your style.

(1) Minimal

(2) Transparent

(3) Top menu

(4) Full screen

(5) Center

(6) Medium

(7) Vertical

(8) Custom header

Let's go now and add colour to your Link.

Go back to your setting and click on Header> menu >scroll down and set your link color, link effect,link color:hover, link background e.t.c  as it suit you.you can also scroll down to remove search box from your menu.

Now we go to typography:this is what is used to change the font or text used on your website.try to change the font of your text as it suit you. under the typography you find the following.

To change logo color, go back to your customization and choose header>logo. then change the color. i believe by now you should be having a beautiful website.

what next is to set our home page as actual home not as a blog. Now go to your customization>home page settings>click on static page, in the drop down box choose home.then click on publish.

How to add content to your website

Go back to your dashboard and click on pages>all pages>Home. click on the home and begin to add content you like.

Now the next thing is to beautify our website in a more advance way with a wordpress plugin called Elementor.

To do that you will go back to your website dashboard and click on plugins, hover it, click on add new, scroll down, look for the search box and search for Elementor-------- it should be the first one in the page.click on install and activate.

After the activation, we can then start using Elementor to beautify our page.

Now go back to your website dashboard and click on pages>home>Edit with Elementor

click on Edit with Elementor. Now you should be at this page

but before we continue to edit with Elementor, let's remove the page title and sidebar.

Now go back to your dashboard and click on pages> all pages>home. scroll down click sidebar and choose 100% width. then click title and disable. then click update.Now both title and sidebar should disappear..

Next things is to start editing with Elementor.

Click on edit with Elementor at the top of the page, when the page open, first thing we are going to do is to delete your old content that appears on the Elementor page builder before you start new section.

Follow the image to do that

After you have deleted your old content, we will now start fresh with Elementor. Click on add new section, and choose the number of column you want

After that you will need to add a template from Elementor to make your work faster.

Click on the template you want and click on insert, after inserting the template you can begin to customize it as you want. but sometimes we might not need a whole website for our template,that is we might need to take a little here, and a little their to make a complete website. So let a site where you can download few wordpress template that you can use.


When you get to the site, click on template at the top of the page.Go to category at the left side of the page.if you choose "Headers and Heroes" you should be at this page.

Now choose any of the template you want, and click download template. when the template has downloaded on your PC.You will need to upload to your website before you can use it.

To upload your downloaded template to your website.

Follow this steps:

Open your website in your browser, after login in to your WordPress page. Then go to dashboard, click on template,hover it and click on add new.

When the template page open, click on select a file, then import template.after doing that, next thing is to insert your template into Elementor page Builder.

To do that, follow this steps.

Go to your dashboard Again, click on pages>all pages>home>Edit with Elementor.

When the Elementor page open, click on add template. You should find your template inserted.

Next thing you are going to do is to customize your template as it suit you.

To do that hover your inserted template, you should found six triangular dot at the top of the template,click on it. The page Editor will open.Now start customizing your page.

To be continued.

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