23 Oct 2021

Facebook and Propeller ads method


Facebook and Propeller Ads method

If you have free 3 hours in a day, I guarantee you, you will make 30 $ just from air, and if you will be lucky you will make 300 $ in a day.

so how to do it?

You don't need it.

1. Money

2. Coding Skills

3. Much time.

So first of all, you just buy host (for 10 $) and .info domain for (3$) that all that u need.

You find some real-looking Domain like > Abc-Report.info or CNNreview.info

Buy it and install WordPress, after that you just make a site look real, add like 10 posts from some USA news site and that is all, you are done with the site.

then you monetize your site with Propeller

there is a guide on how to do it, they have really great support and what i have tested so far, they have the best cpm for the USA (exactly from Facebook).

after your site and Propell is ready you will need only 4 real Facebook , like your relatives' FB or your own (its better because u won't be banned for sure).

we target only USA traffic because it pays best, so we go to Google and search " USA cities (or Counties) by population.

you will find many states and cities, you take 5 of with population to 100,000 to 500,000 .

For example, you take city "Nashville" here we go.

you go to Facebook and type in search "Nashville" and you will find many groups of it like "Nashville Yard Sale" , "I grew up in Nashville" and etc.

you just add 7 groups of Nashville, with 8k+ members.

then you move to the next Facebook account and add groups from "Shreveport" (USA CITY)

you will add 7 groups there too.

now after you will do the same again on 3 Facebook you will have like 35 groups from the USA.

wait 2-3 days and start posting there. so what u post ?

I have tried everything, Nudes, Real posts, Top 10 places from states and etc.

but for me best articles so far was fake articles like this.

"3 people died and other 5 injured in Nashville"

you will find similar post and just will change it a bit and start posting.

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