25 Oct 2021

How to Connect Free Domain to Blogger

 How to Host Free Domain on Blogger

This is going to be a complete tutorial on how to get a free domain and host it on blogger. If for some reason you don't want to spend money on buying a new domain, either you just want to test a project or you don't have money am going to walk you through how to get a domain free and host it on blogger.
To get a free domain, we will be using a site called freenom.com
(1) Go to freenom.com

(2) Choose any of the domain extensions you want when the page that looks like the image below comes up.

From the second image below, you can see that ayomites is not available, because it is a registered domain. When you find a domain you want and is available (which means, it has not been taken by any other person)
When a domain has been accepted you will see add to cart, click it.just like the image below

If successful, you will see the image below to tell you that your purchase is successful. 
The next thing is to get the details of your new domain because you will need to provide it why connect your domain to blogger.
Now click on the three-line at the upper right of your dashboard or page and scroll down, click on my domains
Below are the domains, I had registered previously

You click on manage domain to get your  domain info, now click on Nameserver (this is what we are going to change, to connect our domain to blogger).
Now leave freenom.com and go to Blogger.

Add the Domain Name to Your Blogger Site

Go to the Settings → Basic of your blog and click on setup a third-party URL for your blog under Publishing →Blog address.

Click on “Set up a third-party URL for your blog”

Type in the domain name that we registered with Freenom (prefix it with www.), and click Save. Then you will encounter an error like below. This occurs because we haven’t set up DNS for our domain yet. If someone types in our custom domain, they should be redirected to our blogger blog. For that to happen, we need to add DNS records at the domain name provider’s site.

Manage Your Domain’s DNS Settings

Go to My Domains under Services dropdown and click on the Manage domain button, next to the domain name you registered.

Click on the “Manage domain” button, next to the domain name you registered.

Click on Manage Freenom DNS. Add two CNAME records as shown below. You can see that the name and target fields of the records are the strings that we were provided within the error message by Blogger. Don’t forget to select Type as CNAME, otherwise, it won’t work.

Add two CNAME records

Now we have finished setting up DNS for our domain name. It takes some time to take effect. In my case, it was for about an hour. Therefore, you have to wait for some time before completing the final steps of this process on your Blogger blog.

Final Work

Since we have setup DNS by now, go to Publishing under Settings → Basic of your blog, type the domain name prefixed with www, and click Save. It should be saved without giving any error.

If it’s not, please wait some more time as DNS settings may not have been taken effect yet.

There’s an additional step to complete. Some users of your blog might type your blog URL without the “www” part, for example, typing ayomitedomain.ml instead of www.ayomitedomain.ml. Therefore, you need to set up a redirect from ayomitedomain.ml to ayomite.betterdomain.ml. To do that, click on Edit next to your new domain name and check the checkbox in the resulting form, as shown in the following images

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