25 Oct 2021

How to Upload HTML File into Cpanel

 How to Upload HTML file into Cpanel

Before we dive into how to, we need to first of all understand what Cpanel is.
For a layman, who do not understand any technical jargon, we can say  that Cpanel is a tool provided by hosting company for web designer to perform changes on their website without messing things up.

This made it easy for non tech guys to do things on their website easily.
In other words Cpanel is called the hosting software GUI(graphical interface). Just like our window GUI.

What then is HTML
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a computer language/code used to design  a website.
Let's say you are building a website, and you've write  the code, which you want everyone to see.
This code must be uploaded on your web hosting website before it can be accessible by people.
To do this, follow  the following steps
(1) Log into your domain's cPanel account. If you don't have a cPanel account,
Here is how to create a Cpanel

On the cPanel home page, click File Manager.
file manager link on cpanel home page

  1. Take a look at all the directories and files on your domain. Click around and get familiar with the types of files you already have on your domain. Each folder has specific information:
    • Name: The name of the folder or file. On your server, files and folders are case-sensitive. So, Mywebsite.html is a completely different file than myWebsite.html.
    • Size: How much space the folder or file is taking up.
    • Last Modified: The last time a file was modified on your server.
    • Type: This shows the different types of directories on your server. All directories that are httpd/unix directory are related to Apache, and other types usually correspond to the directory name.
    • Permissions: Who can access and edit your files? Your server uses a system called octal permissions to decide how files are accessed and changed.
    The important folder for your webpages is public_html. If you want a file to be shown on your website, you upload it here.
    public_html file highlighted
  2. Click on public_html to open the folder. Inside, you should see a directory called cgi-bin. This directory is only for scripts and putting files in this folder is an advanced technique.
  3. You'll be uploading your code directly into the public_html folder. Click Upload in the top menu of File Manager and choose the files you'd like to upload.
  4. upload.

    Tip: index.html

    For this example, we're uploading an index.html file. The home page for your website should always be named index.htm, index.htm, or index.php. When your domain is choosing which files to display, it will always look for an index file first. If it doesn't find one, it will just display a list of all the other files: not very pretty! Here is our sample index.html file:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
         <title>Hello world!</title>
         This is my first webpage.
  5. When your upload is finished, click Go Back to /home/mysite/public_html.
    uploading files
  6. Visit your website to confirm your pages are working correctly.
  7. Happy Learning.

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