27 Oct 2021

My Method to Identify Phishing and Stay Safe

 My Method to Identify Phishing an Be Safe

What Is Phishing?

Here is a small analogy to help you understand the term better. If you have ever been interested in fishing or have had a first-hand experience of the activity, you would know that it includes using a bait to lure the fish in the water body. The bait is what entices the fish and gets them trapped. Phishing (which obviously sounds like ‘fishing’) makes use of the same concept of bait. Unsuspecting victims get notifications, emails, and links from parties requesting them to click on the link. These links and notifications are nothing but baits. Once you click on the link or download an attachment, which pose themselves as credible and authentic sources, all your personal and sensitive information like card details, bank details, and other information are stolen by these malicious actors. Therefore, every mail that you receive on the internet is not always safe or credible.

How to Identify Phishing Threats?

Now that we have provided you with some clarity about phishing and the threats it poses to an individual’s privacy let us now move on to looking at the various ways in which one can identify a threat as such.

Check If the Message Is Sent from A Public Domain

Authentic and credible sources will always send emails from the company’s own domain. Thus, there is your first clue. The minute you find any email from a supposedly authentic organization from a public domain like Gmail and the like, you must pick up the hint and send the mail to junk already. These emails are no good and probably have only one intention, and that is stealing personal data. Therefore, you must steer clear of these emails at once. 

Poorly Written Mails Are a Red Signal

Believe it or not, but content plays a significant role in determining whether an email is sent from an authentic source or not. Every established organization has its own outreach team who are skilled in whatever job they handle. These organizations would never send out emails that are poorly written or are half-baked. Therefore, the minute you find such emails, you must leave the space at once and delete every trace of them from your system.

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