31 Mar 2022


 How to get traffic is one of the biggest challenge of every online enterpreneur. Because we cannot get any success without it.

Traffic can be acquired in two ways.

It can either  free or paid.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to get thousands of traffic free of charge to your YouTube channel or website without paying a dime.

Okay let's get started

Go to this website and register


Once you are logged in. On the left, you will see "Earn Credits" Tab. Once 

you will click on this tab, a new tab will open and Auto surfing will 

automatically start. This process will earn you Credits. Whenever you surf 

internet, I advise you to open auto surfing and do whatever you are doing. 

It will save your time and earn you lots of Credits.

3. After doing Auto surfing, you should have lots of Credits in your account, 

now it’s time to redeem those to divert traffic to your Website or YouTube 



4. on the left, Click "Your Account" tab. At the bottom of the page in the 

center, you will see "Add a Site" Tab. Click on it and add your Website

URL or YouTube video URL to get traffic. 


5. This website has lots of registered users. And you get really UNIQUE 

TRAFFIC from it. I am already using this method from last 2 years. You 

can also check the same by putting Google Analytics or Stat counter code 

on your website. I am a SEO/SEM/SMO professional, would like to share 

a method to get ranked on any Search engine quickly. If your website is 

SEO optimized properly (in terms of on page SEO) and your website 

doesn't have any traffic. Get traffic to your website via this method for a 

month. And you will see yourself that your website will come in search 

soon. I did this for many, and I got the

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